Get approved by the City


Permits are proof that your building and facilities follow city rules ("code") and are safe for you, your employees, and your customers.

You will need to get permits to make changes to the building if your business needs to be renovated. You may also need to get a permit if there is a change in the character of the business uses even though no renovation is planned.

If you are starting a new business the permitting process can take 1 year to get through. The average time to process an application that requires plan check 6-8 weeks.

Projects without plan check can be issued over the counter and in the same day. When you start making physical changes to your building, you will need to get the correct permits to get city approval to make changes.

Certain types of business will require different permits and inspections from the Development Services, Fire, Health, and/or Police Departments.

When Plan Check signs off on your plans and you have paid your permit fees, you will receive your Permits to make building alterations, and schedule Inspections.

Pay Permit Fees

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