Renew Your License

Receive,renew, edit, or close

Renewing your Annual License

Annual licenses renew automatically every year upon payment.

Renew Online

You can renew your license online by logging in with your E-Account number. You can locate this number on your business license bill. $1.95 processing fee applies.

Renew by Mail

For annual licenses, a renewal notice is mailed to the license address 14 days before the due date. You are still responsible for payment even if you do not receive a notice. The renewal reminder letter from the city includes instructions on how to pay by mail.

Late Fees

You have 14 days before the due date to pay for the renewal and then a grace period of 30 days after the due date before a penalty is assessed.

You will be fined 25% of your amount due if you do not pay within 30 days of the due date. An additional 10% penalty will be added for each month the bill goes unpaid. The postmark date will determine whether or not your payment is delinquent.

Renewing Your Short Term License

Short term business licenses (3 month, 6 month, or 9 month) for out of city businesses close automatically. You will not receive a notice by mail that your license is closing. If you would like to extend the duration of your business license, you must contact the Business License Department to request the account be reactivated. Once you pay the tax, your business license will be issued.

Edits to Your Business License

Mailing Address Change

If you change your mailing address during the year, contact the Business License Department to report the change.

Change of Location

Every person possessing a City of Long Beach Business License who changes the location of his place of business shall, prior to engaging in such a business at the new location, have the City endorse the new location on the license. (L.B.M.C. 3.80.424)

Refunds Prior to Start of Business

Any application for refund must be made by the person entitled to the money within one year after payment of the money to the City. No refund shall be made of any moneys paid for the issuance or renewal of any license unless it is determined that such licensee has not engaged in, nor held himself out as being engaged in, such business or occupation at any time after the effective date of the license. The amount of the refund shall be the full amount of the license tax paid, less an amount determined by the Director of Financial Management, which shall cover the cost of investigation and issuance of the license. (L.B.M.C. 3.80.427.5.F)

Closing your Business License

You must cancel your Business License if you are no longer operating your business in Long Beach.

Please share with us why you are closing your business so we can know how best to support business owners.

Certificate of Occupancy

Once all your inspections receive final approval and all permit related fees are paid the city will issue you a certificate of occupancy for your location. This certificate indicates that your building is up to code, the facilities meet city safety rules and allows for utilities (power, water, and gas) to be connected to the building. Your business license will also be approved.

Even if no construction work was performed in preparing your business to open, you may still need to schedule some inspections and pay associated fees.

You cannot get your business license until you get your Certificate of Occupancy first.

Display of License

You must prominently display your license at your place of business. If the business is operated from a vehicle, an identifying decal issued by the City shall be affixed to the vehicle, and the business license shall be carried by the licensee. (L.B.M.C. 3.80.425.5)