Site Plan Check

Review with City


Navigating construction rules and city code can be complicated. A professional architect or contractor may be able to offer helpful advice and planning assistance, as well as create necessary plans which include site plan drawings and construction documents (CDs). For large projects, you may need a licensed architect to “draw and stamp” your plans before showing them to city staff.

Plan Review

Bring your plans to the 2nd floor of City Hall. Complete a Development Services Permit Application. Ask to submit your application and plans. Depending on the scope of your project you will need several sets for the different reviewers.

You will first meet with a planner to review the plans for Zoning code review. Then you will meet with a staff Engineer who will look at your plans and determine how much time review will take.

If your plans can be reviewed within 20 minutes, you will be sent to the Plan Review counter. If the plans need a more thorough review, they will be taken in for review by a Staff Engineer and put in the backlog.

Expedite Your Plan Review

The backlog exists to handle more complicated plan reviews. In some cases it can take up to 4 weeks.

You have the option to expedite your plans, which will cut the review time in half. Expedite fees are double the normal fees.

Pick Up Your Plans

Once your plans have been reviewed, you may pick them up to make corrections. Bring them back to the 2nd floor of City Hall, and submit your corrections.

When Plan Check signs off on your plans and you have paid your permit fees, you will receive your Permits to make building alterations, and schedule Inspections.